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Bobby Jones, PGA Merchandise Show

Freshen Up Your Trade Show Booth


Under the category of "no job is too small" - here is a perfect example of what a few simple things a company can do to freshen up a trade show booth - or a store for that matter. With the "before" pic you see a 10' x 20" inline booth. Not awful, but the owner wanted to make it more attractive visually. With the "after" pic, see what a different color palette and a few new fixtures can do to give the booth a fresh look.

Logo Design

Design For A Service Shop

The Leasing Manager of a shopping center requested  tradeshowoffs! to help a new tenant transform a  former Concierge area of the mall into a jewelry repair shop with custom props & a re-design of a logo. The new logo is an updated version of a classic "laurel wreath" design.


Furniture & Fixture Design

An industry colleague needed a furniture item & a unique prop for her client's trade show booth featuring unique leathers. tradeshowoffs! designed the Mid Century Modern inspired Mongolian lamb stools while another colleague designed the mannequin lamps for a complete visual merchandising package.

Practical Design Solutions

The Cartier boutique in Chicago wanted to install an outdoor Christmas decoration of their design. They didn't have a practical solution. tradeshowoffs! found the solution that solved their dilemma.

Practical Trade Show Solutions.

Hart Schaffner Marx needed a new trade show booth fixture. 

tradeshowoffs!, in conjunction with the HSM Creative Director, designed a mobile, modular fixture that could easily accomodate shelves, hangrail, graphics or a mannequin form. 

A Brief History

At tradeshowoffs!, we have a long history of experience with Trade Show design and Project Management. We also have a background in retail design, commercial interior design and visual merchandising for both retail and wholesale to round out the package of services. No project is too large or too small to find practical affordable solutions to meet every client need.

  • Wholesale / Retail Visual Merchandising & Display Design
  • Trade Show Project Management / Shipping & Logistics
  • Commercial Interior Design /  Spatial Planning / Signage
  • Consulting On Lighting & Industry Trends

​​​Affordability. Creativity. Accessibility

These are the three biggest attributes that tradeshowoffs! wholesale trade show booth design, brings  to each project. Our unique brand of  AFFORDABLE solutions to your wholesale or retail project combined with our proven CREATIVE vision and with instant ACCESS to all the services your project requires without layers of account representatives getting in the way.



Working Remote

This client wanted to keep costs down for this  freshening up of his booth. tradeshowoffs! & Circa Asia were able to successfully work out solutions by telephone conference, emails, links to fixture catalogs and tradeshowoffs!SchetchUp floor plans & wall elevations (below). The client ultimately installed the booth with a few alterations and achieved the goal of a "freshen up" for his booth.

Custom Logos

Any Color

Weather you're upgrading your existing logo or starting from scratch, lettradeshowoffs! help you find the way to a unique and memorable logo design. The tradeshowoffs! logo design for this service shop had an updated color palette - colors can always change. B & W was chosen for the interior wall & an etched effect was chosen for the store front. The band of services at the lower part of the store front glass was backed by a color from the owners color palette that is also on the back wall.

Custom Prop Design


The Leasing Manager thought a service based shop could benefit from a jazzy, kooky kind of back wall prop. tradeshowoffs!designed a prop utilizing jewelry counter hands - which were originally intended to have watches & rings on them - and had custom crafted acrylic panels manufactured to mount the hands on for a unique & colorful prop installation.

Commercial Design

Project Management Of Adaptive Reuse - A Factory Break Room To A Factory Outlet Store

tradeshowoffs!acted as Project Manager of this conversion of an employee break room into a Factory Outlet Store.  While also consulting on the design & visual merchandising,  

tradeshowoffs!  analyzed & defined the scope of the project, determined resources, established production schedule & deadlines. 



Booth Design by The Visual Dept., Inc; Mannequin Lamps, Flair Collection by Thomas Smith.



Chicago Gift Show Chicago Merchandise Mart

tradeshowoffs!was given part of the huge  lobby of the Merchandise Mart to create a Gift Trade Show event. Literally Christmas in July. Utilizing various gift show companies, tradeshowoffs! created this "Chirstmas Greeting"  for attendees as they arrived to pick up thier show badges.

Off Site Events

Not every off site event requires armed guards as did this Cartier watch event at Chicago's Mid America Club in 2010. But off site events do require other strategic planning activities. Transportation, travel friendly backdrops, lighting, signage and coordination with the event promoter are just a few that need special attention. Let tradeshowoffs! take care of these logistics so that you can concentrate on making any event a success.